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Level A Response Suit Testing

The level A response suit is the highest level of protection for the skin, eyes and respiratory system that are all at risk when exposed to the dangerous chemicals in any state.

Level A suits require:

  • Full face Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
  • Two-Way radio
  • Proper footwear including Safety steel-toe boots with shanks on the outside
  • Chemical-resistant gloves

These suits are used for the most extreme cases of chemical damage that could harm the eyes, skin or respiratory system with exposure. To ensure the level A response suit will perform as expected, peridic testing should be preformed and any breaches should be repaired to maintain the expected level of protection.

Our trained and qualified technicians at Dual State Fire & Safety are committed to keep your Level A chemical suits tested so they are ready to protect them the next time they are needed.

Dual State Fire & Safety Level A Chemical Suit Testing Features:

  • Pressure Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Replace Damaged, Worn or Missing Parts
  • On-site Service Option
  • Documented Test Results
  • Use of only trusted brands

You can put your full trust in a safety company that is committed to make sure your Level A Response suits are ready to protect you when you need them next. Dual State's expert technicians provide the highest quality Level A chemical suit inspections and testing services in South Arkansas and North Louisiana.

If you have any questions regarding Level A Response Suit Testing, please contact us online or call 870-862-6200

Level A Response Suit Testing


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