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Fall Protection

Safety should be a top priority for your place of business, no matter the industry. Potential workplace risks can range from fires to electrical hazards to chemical exposures. However, falls are one of the top sources of injuries in the workplace. Slips and falls can happen to just about anyone, whether it's from spillage on the floor or working from heights.

Fall protection products are essential in helping prevent and mitigate the effects of an accident. Safety equipment like guardrails, harnesses, netting systems and body belts can help keep your employees secure and, as a result, can help reduce accidents. In addition, fall arrest systems are required by OSHA for workers on construction sites that are exposed to vertical drops of 6 feet or more.

Put safety first with the right fall protection products and equipment. To discuss your fall protection solutions, please contact us online or call 870-862-6200.

Fall Protection


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