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Confined Space Monitor Rental

Confined Space Monitoring

When entering a confined space, there are several important issues that need to be considered, reviewed, and managed. One of the major issues centers on air quality and what you are breathing, both prior to entry and during occupation of a confined space. You need to know what the oxygen content of the atmosphere is and whether there are explosive or toxic gases that could threaten the safety of the environment or, perhaps more importantly, your life. When properly used and maintained, gas detection monitors will protect both.

Detecting combustible gas leaks in confined spaces can be tricky. Dual State Fire & Safety portable meters and air monitoring equipment can detect multiple gases and combustible gas leaks with state-of-the-art sensors and industry-leading technology. Renting environmental equipment makes good business sense. Once you add up the cost of maintenance, repairs, warehousing, and staff resources, owning equipment can be a costly proposition. Dual State Fire & Safety makes the decision to rent easy.

OSHA Requires Confined Space Monitoring

Not only do you need to monitor the atmosphere of your confined space to protect your life, but also OSHA requires you to do so.

To understand exactly what a confined space is, let's look at OSHA's definition:

Confined space:

  • Has adequate size and configuration for employee entry,
  • Has limited means for access or egress, and
  • Is not designed for continuous employee occupancy.

A few examples of confined spaces could be underground vaults in the telecommunications industry, aeronautical fuel tanks, sewers, silos, or coal mines.

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Confined Space Monitoring


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