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Monitor Calibration

Exposure to toxic gases, oxygen deficiencies and explosive atmospheres cause hundreds of injuries and deaths to workers every year during confined space entry procedures. The conditions that lead to these accidents and fatalities are usually invisible to the workers who are involved. The only way to ensure safe conditions is the use of air monitors. The only way to know a gas detector's readings are accurate is to have them tested and calibrated regularly. Failure to periodically test and document the performance of your confined space gas detectors can leave you open to regulatory citations or fines, as well as increased liability exposure in the event a worker is injured in an accident.

What causes a monitor to lose it's accuracy?

Confined space gas detectors usually include several different types of sensors. The atmosphere in which the instrument is used can have significant effect on the unit's sensors. Sensors may be poisoned or suffer degraded performance if exposed to certain substances. It is important to have your monitor checked so that you may have confidence in your monitor's ability to keep your workers safe.

Dual State Fire & Safety's calibration technicians can ensure the accuracy of your air quality and gas detection monitors. We can calibrate your monitors, replace sensors and certify your instrument to be in top shape for the jobs ahead.

If you have any questions regarding Monitor Calibration, please contact us online or call 870-862-6200

Monitor Calibration


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